It’s been a while since my introductory post here and I wanna document what’s been goin on and stuff, so here goes.

First off, I’ve landed a nice temp job doing some basic spreadsheet and accounting work for a local business. While not my ideal job by any stretch of the imagination, this should provide a good base to work from. It’s given me a regular schedule (8-5 M-F), and isn’t too far from my apartment, so the commute is negligible.

Otherwise, between visiting my family and staying in touch with some good friends (as well as maybe a little too much Idea Channel and Legend of Korra catch up), I haven’t been spending as much time as I’d like working on this site or developing myself. But here I am on my lunch break throwing something out, so yay effort!

That said, this one will have to be brief, but I do still have plans for the site and hope to be working on them more in the days to come. Here’s to carving out something for myself to share with others.